Family Is Everything
And Your Family Is Especially Amazing!

But You Already Know That, Don't You?
That’s why you want your family 
to thrive—to be, do, and have more 
of all life has to offer.
We call that winning. And we want to empower you and your family to win more.

Every Family Wants To...
Have More Time
Be Happier
Be Reasonably Prosperous
Be More Secure
Make Friends
Enjoy Peace of Mind
Be Healthier
Deepen Family Relationships
Live in Hope 
That’s why we created Families That Win-
-to empower your family to thrive!

Family life can be messy. No doubt about it. But now busy families like yours can cut through the clutter to take control, set priorities, and focus on what matters most. 

As a member of Families that Win, you will:
  • Be inspired to take your family to the next level by your guides on this engaging journey: Mr. Zig Ziglar, and co-hosts Mark Timm, Ziglar Family CEO, and his wife, Ann. 
  •  Get equipped with practical resources to help get clear on your purpose and achieve your family goals consistently as you engage 4 interactive modules—Believe, Plan, Prepare, and Expect.
  • Gain confidence as a spouse, parent, or grandparent by applying the timeless wisdom of Zig Ziglar to your unique family situation and giving your children or grandchildren a foundation to build on for generations to come.
  •  Discover how to get more time for what matters most and make the most of your time with 24/7 access to the bite-sized video sessions. 
  •  Uncover the secrets of realizing your dreams—like making more money, enjoying more loving relationships at home, and getting on the same page as a family. 

We believe in the proven process—and in your family. That’s why we’ll give you a full refund if you think Families that Win isn’t what we promised. Guaranteed. 
Meet a Few of Our Families
  • Families that Win Course
  • Followed by 11 monthly payments of $19
Is there an entrance fee for Families that Win?
No. There are no hidden fees. Your credit card will be charged the day you join and then automatically in each month thereafter.
What is the cancellation policy for Families that Win?
Families that Win members can cancel at any time--though we’ll work hard to make sure you never want to. However, please note that the community functions on a 30-day billing cycle. If a member cancels five days after their monthly billing date, they will still have access for 25 more days and there are no refunds for unused days.
Can I download resources to my computer?
Most community resources are available for download. In most cases, you will have plenty of options to download resources including PDF, digital books, checklists, and similar resources. Audio and some video resources will be available for download, as well. Videos within the Families that Win guided learning experience will only be available to watch within the community portal in most cases, but can be viewed at your convenience on any Internet capable device.
How soon will I get access to Families that Win?
Once you joined the community and enter your login info, you will have 24/7 access to the materials.
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